Critical Linking

Critical Linking: March 6, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

“Titled The Booklovers Map of America Showing Certain Landmarks of Literary Geography and created by pictorial cartographer Paul M. Paine in 1933, the map zooms in on the biggest literary cities and places “The Birthplace of American Literature” squarely in the Boston/Cambridge area.”

So awesome.


“What all these educators and thinkers were saying is that learning, in all its disciplines and fields, is ultimately about hope: the hope that, through learning, we can lead a better life. Facts and experiments matter when they are connected to the world in which we live and dream and imagine. And some of life’s experiences require far more than facts.”

So refreshing.


“Starting March 5, Starbucks will be offering a *FREE* download of a special Best American Series sampler. All week, you can stop by any Starbucks location for a ‘pick of the week’ card, featuring a redeem code good for one free download.”

So tempting.


“If you’re a writer in 2012, it’s important to be savvy about social networking, publicity, marketing, platforms, covers, formats, and all the things associated with self-publishing and ebooks.

But the most important thing is the book itself.”

So true.

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