CRITICAL LINKING: November 28, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“The store, at Partner’s and Spade in SoHo, is an exercise in buying belongings from New York-area Craigslist sellers and reselling the contents for the exact same price. Examples varied from an entire drum kit to a pair of small deer hooves.”

I sometimes forget exactly what “twee” means, but then I see something like this.


“Impossible worlds allow us to explore, to wonder, to daydream in safety. We turn the pages in search of friendship, for a few hours with characters who won’t judge or ridicule us for following their journey.”

I think this piece on why supernatural stories appeal to teens is supposed to be supportive, but it is kinda sad.


“President Obama marked “Small Business Saturday” by taking his daughters Sasha and Malia to a DuPont Circle bookstore.”

Pretty interesting shopping bag, there.


“Hurting their feelings may be the only way in which they can be made to realise how preposterous they are…”

Tough love, critic-style.

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