Book Fetish

Book Fetish: Volume I

Bookish things for those with a fetish for books.

The Men of the Stacks 2012 Calendar is the sexiest library project ever conceived. The glasses, the men, the books, all captured in photos that make me want to stop buying my books at the bookstore and visit the library instead.

Inspired by classic cover designs, these shoes show off your love for literature. There are seven to choose from. I prefer Animal Farm myself.

You love your ereader but miss the smell of your books? Enter New Book Smell, an aerosol ereader enhancer.

You’ve probably seen the literary tshirts at Out of Print Clothing. But did you know they make these iPhone cases as well? Best $35 I ever spent.

Books can be art too. Painter Victoria Reinchelt creates images of books and magazines that are so realistic they look like photos.


  • celawerd

    That first picture is hilarious!

    • Brenna

      If by hilarious you mean incredibly sexy, then yes, it is hilarious.

  • Erin

    That ereader smell enhancer is a trip. It reminds me of those Paddywax Library candles that have different scents inspired by different authors.

    • Brenna

      OK – I love the Paddywax Library candles!

  • Kerry M.

    I am dying for one of those calendars, but I’m not sure how my husband would react to my hanging that on the wall in the study. Love the shoes, too!!

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